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Cycling helps your body stay healthy

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Đạp xe đạp trợ lực giúp cơ thể khỏe mạnh

Exercise is a method to help us improve our health, giving us a healthy, solid, supple body, etc. There are many sports, many choices for you but not Not every sport is suitable for us. Power-assisted cycling is a sport suitable for many ages, easy to practice and almost anyone can use a power bike.

Many times ADO E-bike has talked about the positive effects of power-assisted bicycles on our lives and on our health. Not only is a sport good for our health, but bicycles are also a familiar and convenient means of transportation for us. Use power-assisted bicycles to travel to save costs such as gas, parking fees and be environmentally friendly.

  1. The impact of power-assisted cycling on the body and health

Power-assisted cycling brings positive effects on our body

  • Improve blood circulation: Regular power-assisted cycling helps the heart become healthy, enhances the heart's ability to work and pump blood, has a positive effect on the body's blood circulation ability.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer, stroke: According to research, people who regularly ride bicycles and jog help reduce the incidence of cancer and stroke than those who are sedentary.
  • Improve physical fitness: cycling is a method of health training, increasing physical strength, endurance, helping the body become solid and supple. Regular cycling helps to strengthen bones and joints, muscles, especially the leg muscles, thigh muscles.
  • Weight loss: for those who want to lose weight, cycling is a good weight loss method that is easy to do. The process of exercise, cycling helps burn excess fat in the body, consume calories to help the body become slim, get the shape you want.

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    1. Training method for beginners
    2. Adjusting power-assisted bicycles

    To make your cycling process as comfortable and fun as possible, you should adjust the bike to fit your body. Riding your bike with a saddle that's within your reach will help you achieve your highest fitness goals. In addition, when cycling with the saddle higher or lower than your physique for a long time, it will affect your spine and back.

    1. Appropriate intensity of exercise

    To achieve the desired results when cycling, you need to exercise moderately, with an appropriate intensity and training schedule. Overtraining not only does not achieve the desired results, but also affects your body, not good for the body.

    Especially for beginners, you should cycle with a light intensity so that your body can adapt to the intensity of training as well as avoid over pedaling when you are not used to it. Proper training intensity is also a training method for power cyclists.

    1. Notes for the elderly when practicing sports with power-assisted bicycles

    Power-assisted cycling is a method of relaxation and light exercise for the elderly. In addition to helping the elderly be healthier, prevent old age diseases such as heart disease, blood pressure, cancer, stroke, diabetes, etc. Cycling also helps them have relaxing and happy times. look, enjoy the fresh air.

    But also because of their advanced age, old people when cycling need to pay attention to some points as follows:

    • Exercise moderately, avoid making the body too tired
    • Always carry a communication device and avoid walking on empty roads
    • Always bring food and water
    • Check the car before leaving to ensure safety
    • Regularly check vehicle maintenance to detect damage in time

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