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Should I cycle every day?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 01, 2023

Có nên đạp xe hàng ngày không?

Exercising with power-assisted bicycles is a method that quite a few people choose because of the benefits they bring. However, many people wonder if they should ride a bike every day or not? How much cycling in a week? Let's learn more about ADO E-bike through the article below.

What happens when you cycle every day?

Cycling is a very useful activity that researchers recommend doing regularly every day regardless of age because this activity will give you the following benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of cancer: according to experts, cycling every day can help you reduce the risk of cancers of the respiratory organs.
    ● Good for the heart: when cycling, your heart has to work harder than riding a motorbike or other means, from which, blood is pumped throughout the body. This makes the heart and related organs work more smoothly.

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  • Good for the respiratory system: While cycling, experts often recommend that you breathe evenly. Breathing evenly like that makes your respiratory system seem to be pumping a new amount of air into the body, especially with a fresh environment.
    ● Improve bones and joints: cycling requires a lot of movement of muscles and joints. Regular activity makes your joints more flexible instead of sluggish and causes the joints to become moldy.
    ● Toning the calf muscles: as you know, to help the bike keep balance, the legs and calves should be mainly active. Repeating this activity regularly helps to tone your calves.
    ● Effective weight loss: science has proven, daily cycling consumes as many calories as a gym session. So, if you have a lot of excess fat in your body, you should get used to cycling every day.
    ● Reduce stress: When you ride a bike, it's like walking outside when stressed. This helps you release the huge amount of thoughts stored in your brain, thereby helping you to improve stress as well as help you feel more excited and happy.

How long should you ride in a day?

To get the 6 benefits of cycling every day mentioned above, how long should each day be appropriate? If you cycle by bike, each exercise can burn about 400 calories. So you can calculate your cycling time based on how many calories you want to burn for the day.

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Depending on the intensity of cycling of each person, each person needs a different cycling time. If your purpose of cycling is just to stay in shape and relieve stress, you can cycle for about 30 minutes a day. If you have a higher need to pedal, conquer bigger goals, you can pedal for about 3 hours a day.
However, if you are a beginner to the process of cycling, start from the lowest pedal intensity. A day you only need to spend about 20 to 30 minutes cycling short distances. As you get more used to cycling, you can increase the intensity of the pedaling over time. It can be said that cycling every day should be done regularly. Hopefully with the information we share in the article, you get a better overview of daily cycling and take it seriously.

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