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Join hands to protect the environment for future generations with ADO E-bike

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Chung tay bảo vệ môi trường cho thế hệ mai sau cùng ADO E-bike

Air pollution is responsible for 26% of heart disease deaths, 24% of stroke deaths, 43% of pneumonia deaths and 29% of lung cancer deaths. This is also the main cause of children's malnutrition, asthma, cancer... and many other diseases.

In urban areas, about 25% of smog pollution is caused by gasoline, 20% by burning other fuels and 15% by running generators. In 15 countries that emit the most greenhouse gases to the world, estimates show that the health costs of air pollution are higher than 4% of GDP.

In recent days, air pollution is a hot topic, and besides temporary remedies, we need to take more practical actions to improve the living environment. Join ADO E-bike in implementing the green lifestyle movement by cycling at least 1 day a week with your family.

1. Cycling helps children to be in a better state

According to a study by the Journal of Clinical Psychological Science, since 2020, parents have unwittingly made children spend more time on social networks instead of outdoor activities, leading to Symptoms of depression and suicide increase among 13 to 18 year olds.

Cycling is an outdoor sport activity that helps improve symptoms of depression in people with depression, with outdoor activities, cycling group communication not only helps children stay away from electronic devices. It also helps children to be better physically and mentally, such as: strong bones, improved heart health, reduced body fat, increased muscle strength and flexibility...

For children from 3 to 5 years old, parents can let them participate in cycling activities by sitting in the back of an adult car, or let them practice with children's bicycles in the park under adult supervision. .

2. Cycling is an activity that increases family time

Children often like to imitate adults, from lifestyle to living habits, so parents do not hesitate to become good examples for their children to follow.

Through family cycling activities, all family members will have more time to be together and listen to each other and understand more about the value of love, especially after a period of stressful study and work.

Cycling is also a way for parents to teach young children to appreciate personal items such as cleaning cars, being independent and helping others...

3. ADO . power-assisted bicycle models

ADO power-assisted bicycle is currently a favorite product from young people through its unique design that is suitable for both boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 4.

Power-assisted bicycle ADO A26S VEHICLE

Product reference:

  • ADO Air powered bicycle 20
  • Power-assisted bicycle ADO A26S
  • Power bike ADO A20 Lite
  • The chassis is made from high-grade Hi-Ten carbon steel, which is covered with color side coating technology, minimizing scratches and fading.

    In addition, it is equipped with a convenient iron basket that gives children the same feeling as an adult, thereby helping them to become more passionate about cycling.

    Super product ADO A20 Air power assist bike for personality

    Power bike ADO A20 Air

    Product reference:

  • ADO Air powered bicycle 20
  • Power-assisted bicycle ADO A26S
  • Power bike ADO A20 Lite
  • ADO A20 Air with a strong and personality design with a youthful horizontal handlebar combined with a sports handle provides great inspiration when children ride a bike.

    Equipped with a V-brake and durable steel alloy, the 20-inch aluminum alloy wheel ring makes the child's experience safer on all terrains, especially the serrated part adheres well even in weather conditions. weather in the rainy season.

    ADO A26S power-assisted bicycles are elegant and elegant

    With feminine tenderness, A26S is a gift for girls who love colors with fancy details.

    Power-assisted bicycle ADO A26S VEHICLE

    ADO A26S is equipped with a soft padded baga, a convenient plastic basket that adds a feminine touch to bring a feeling of closeness to your daily activities such as going to school, having fun with friends.

    Always paying attention to the safety of all children's activities FORNIX always believes in choosing high-quality products from the chassis and brakes that are made of high-quality steel alloy, which is sturdy and durable for long-term use.

    For a good living environment, start small changes in your daily life with your family. Do not forget to contact ADO E-bike immediately for assistance in finding the best companions for you and your family!