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How to improve health from cycling?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

Cải thiện sức khỏe từ việc đạp xe như thế nào?

Health plays an important role in human life. In order to have good health, it is necessary to meet two factors: physical and mental, only when you have a healthy body, a comfortable mind, you will be truly healthy.

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Science is increasingly developing, many researches serving the needs of improving human health are also interested. Most research results show that exercise is the most effective method. Depending on the physical fitness of each person and the individual living situation, each person will choose the most suitable way to exercise. For the elderly, they often exercise their bodies by walking, practicing nutrition, meditating, etc. Young active people are different, they like to play sports that consume a lot of energy, exercise vigorously. and challenging such as football, athletics, maybe also aerobic dance...

But with the hectic pace of life in the modern era, not everyone can create a scientific and proper living habit. Therefore, they aim for "2 in 1" options, which can both meet their physical needs and relieve stress after a long day of work. At that time, a seemingly outdated form returned to "fashion" - attracting the attention of a large number of people. Bicycles, a rudimentary means of carrying goods and transporting goods in farming families a few decades ago, have now become a popular game for the elite. Cycling is not only a way to play to express personality, but cycling is also a very popular subject because of its comfort, suitable for all ages, does not take much time to practice and especially. received support for contributing to significant health improvements.

Cycling does not take much time to practice, suitable for many subjects.

There is an opinion that the benefit of cycling is to bring health, mental clarity, and it is not wrong. According to a recent study by Swedish scientists, if you keep cycling every day with a reasonable intensity, you can reduce the risk of migraines by 90%. This form of exercise is also an effective way to lose weight for people who are overweight, and to keep a stable weight for those who want to quit smoking. For every hour of cycling, you will burn 240kcal, equivalent to 5 hours riding a motorbike.

Because the control action when riding a power-assisted bicycle has an effect on most muscles in the human body, it has very little for the motor system, toning the muscles. It is regular and regular activities that stimulate metabolism, blood circulation to the brain is also enhanced. Moreover, cycling is also a psychological remedy to help relieve stress effectively.

According to recent research, when cycling, the nervous system of the brain will secrete a hormone that helps people feel relaxed and generate more positive thoughts. In addition, external factors are equally effective. Being able to see and breathe the atmosphere beyond the usual cramped room, to interact and talk with many people, it is great for those who need to cool their heads and warm their hearts.

Cycling together can relieve stress and build strong relationships.