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Methods to help you cycling endurance

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Các phương pháp giúp bạn đạp xe sức bền

Endurance cycling, also known as sport-assisted cycling over long distances, is a typical example of cycling. Endurance cycling is not only a strength training exercise, but also a rigorous body training process so that your butt can stay on the bike for a long time. Let's find the key to endurance training with Fornix!

  1. Make a specific plan

It seems that with all self-conquest plans, you always need to map out a plan that is more specific, the higher the success rate. Make a plan to gradually increase 10% of the total of 100% of your goals.

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Depending on the terrain you will be pedaling, so it is not recommended to measure the number of kilometers you have cycled, but should be based on the specific time that you can pedal, every day inching up a little will help you feel comfortable. more roof. Give your body time to adapt to the situation of the saddle, and the muscle groups are gradually increased. Unsatisfactory speed!

  1. Creating conditions for practice

You should practice at least 3 times a week or more times to get the results you want. You may not have a lot of free time to practice regularly, instead always create opportunities to practice as soon as possible.

You can choose for yourself street bikes at Fornix to suit your daily activities such as going to work, going out... Even if you don't have free time to practice during the day, there are You can choose to add lights to the car, and light up clothes to practice at night. Think of endurance training as a daily exercise.

  1. Strict in training

To achieve the best results, you should set strict rules with yourself. The goal of endurance training is to push the limits of time and intervals of cycling as long as possible, rather than pushing up the cycling speed.

In order to best stimulate yourself, it is still recommended to join groups, friends with you to conquer interesting challenges, thus giving you more motivation in each journey. Through group activities, you will improve your cycling skills as well as your communication skills and reduce stress effectively, in addition, it is indispensable to have more relationships.

  1. Complete nutritional supplement

As a sport activity, it requires you to always provide adequate nutrients and water for the body.

With the nature of long-distance cycling, always make sure to prepare enough food equivalent to 300 calories/hour of cycling and water.

  1. Divide to conquer

When you are just starting to practice challenges, don't force yourself, instead set short goals along the way, so as not to create a feeling of boredom, the long stretch of the road leads to loss of spirit. your

Enjoy the scenery along the way to make the trip more fun, the true meaning of discovery!