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Answering concerns for newbies to power-assisted bicycles

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Giải đáp các quan tâm dành cho người mới đi xe đạp trợ lực

Cycling is a sport familiar to many people, although close, beginners often have many different interests. Let's answer some of their common concerns with ADO E-bike!

  1. Are mountain bikes safe?

The sport of mountain biking will bring you adventurous experiences, going on difficult and slippery roads as well as natural scenes of mountains and forests.

Mountain biking is considered a high-intensity exercise, helping you train your mind to be stable and stable.

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  • However, to be able to conquer this sport, it requires you to have certain physical factors along with good cycling experience. You should only participate in mountains that are guaranteed to be safe. Don't forget to join the groups to conquer this challenge together!

    1. How to choose socks?

    The advice from experienced people is that you should choose specialized cycling socks. Cycling socks can protect your feet by being thick and elastic, in addition, they also have good moisture absorption to help your toes stay comfortable in every season: warm in cold weather and breathable in season summer.

    1. Should wear a small bike helmet inside the helmet

    The small cycling hat inside helps to protect the eyes from the sunlight shining directly on the face along with the sweat on the forehead. This is a hat for those who love road cycling who do not limit themselves because of the weather.

    1. Does cycling hurt your hips and butt?

    For those who are just starting out, they are really curious about how the frame and construction of the bike will cause effects and damage to the buttocks and hips.

    Because of those reasons, Fornix always advises users to choose for themselves the most suitable auxiliary vehicle and align with the structure of the body. In addition, to minimize this discomfort, you can choose your cycling clothing carefully, so that you can protect yourself.

    1. Is it possible to get injured while cycling?

    During your training, you cannot avoid accidents and injuries. However, along with your experiences, you will find that they are not the factors that can stop you from continuing to conquer your passion.

    With cycling practice, you should choose a strategy that is right for you, do not force yourself to conquer difficult milestones for seniors.

    If you love sports racing bicycles , you can still pedal, but in the beginning, you need to be trained and gain more knowledge from those who have gone before. By doing so, you will reduce your risk of injury.

    Don't hesitate to join bike enthusiasts and share yourself! With cycling, you will get more than just a healthy mind, confidence and healthy relationships.

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