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Common mistakes with new cyclists

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Các lỗi thường gặp với người mới đi xe đạp

When you are just starting to get acquainted with the sport of power-assisted cycling, mountain biking or just a street bike, you are also a little nervous about a new challenge. It seems extremely easy, but like any other exercise, cycling also has its own rules so you can save energy and time, along with the best results. Let's learn with ADO E-bike about the mistakes that beginners often make!

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    1. Adjust the saddle too low

    Adjusting the height of the saddle lower than your body will reduce back pain during cycling. Remember to adjust the height of the saddle to match your stride length and arm span.

    It is best to adjust the saddle so that the heel position is in contact with the pedal at the lowest position, and the toes can all touch the ground to always ensure your safety during your journey.

    Refer to the article "Adjusting the saddle height for beginners"

    1. Choosing the wrong bike size for your body

    When choosing a bike, the size of the bike is one of the most important factors that determine your comfort during your journey. For example, with the height of the bike, it's not just tall bikes that feel solid, or low bikes that are safer when you can easily support your feet. Most of the muscle groups in the body are active when cycling, so choosing the right bike will avoid your body aches.

    When choosing a car size, you should choose cars with a suitable height for your body, a comfortable sitting position (should create a 45-degree angle), the width of the handlebars and the curvature of the handlebars to suit your needs. body and type of gear suitable for the terrain you go.

    1. Choose tight pants

    When performing activities, costumes are extremely important, a suitable garment must meet the requirements such as sweat absorption, good elasticity, good elasticity. The reason is that when cycling, sweat escapes a lot, the heart rate increases, the body needs a large amount of air circulation to reduce the feeling of suffocation.

    Clothes that are too tight, not stretchy... will create discomfort, hinder blood circulation, leading to cases of muscle withdrawal, leg numbness...

    1. No regular car maintenance

    Often with the ancient habit of cycling, bicycle maintenance is not necessary. However, after a period of use, the parts will lose their smoothness, as well as the feeling of "Tearing the wind" on the road.

    Please clean, lubricate the chain, pump the car, as well as adjust the brake system ... to increase the life of your car as well as always bring you absolute satisfaction when conquering speed. degree.

    1. Not using the gearshifter properly

    With each different level of cassette corresponding to different speeds and terrain. Low gears are often used for climbing slopes, creating strong force and conversely high levels are used for flat roads with optimal pedaling speed.

    1. The win system is not good

    Depending on the design and type of vehicle, there are regulations on front and rear brakes. The brake system slows down the force slowly with high safety. With disc brakes, you need to check the brake of the rear wheel first and then the front brake. Because when suddenly braking suddenly at high speed, you will be at risk of being thrown forward, your body being thrown out of the car. To ensure safety, you need to stabilize your sitting position and handlebars.

    1. Get enough energy

    Cycling is a physical activity that consumes a lot of energy, so never forget to recharge before every journey.

    You should not eat too much before cycling, this will cause stomach upset, hip shock when cycling, as well as eating too little makes you quickly exhausted, You should build an eating plan for training sessions. For best results, prioritize foods that are easy to digest.

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