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Coffee and power bikes - what you need to know

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Cà phê và xe đạp trợ lực - những điều bạn cần biết

You've heard that the caffeine in coffee has positive effects on exercise, including cycling. So do you know more than that link? Let's explore with ADO E-bike through this article!

Nutritionist Tim Lawson said caffeine helps promote fat metabolism and effectively retains muscle glycogen, drinking a cup of coffee before cycling will increase the amount of fat burned faster than Normal. However, when consuming too much coffee will reduce the quality of your sleep leading to changes in hormone levels, reducing the ability to process carbohydrates.

How to choose coffee for better cycling?

With Western coffee before exercise, you should only drink Espresso without milk, because milk has negative effects on the stomach. After the training process, you can choose other types with lots of milk like Latte, Mocha to help the recovery process better.

Before cycling: Double Espresso; 185mg caffeine, 6cal, 0.4g protein, 0.8g carbohydrate, 0.2g fat.

Between workouts: Medium Americano (with a little skim milk); 277mg caffeine, 18cal, 1.6g protein, 2.6g carbohydrate, 0.3g fat.

Best for recovery: Medium Mocha (with full fat milk); 75mg caffeine, 301cal, 10.7g protein, 57.4g carbohydrate, 11.3g fat.

What is the best type of coffee bean?

With different types of coffee beans, there will be differences in the amount of caffeine as well as the acidity. If your stomach is sensitive, you need to be more careful when choosing coffee. For coffee that is roasted, the acidity is also significantly reduced.

There are two types of coffee that are quite popular today, Arabica, containing 0.8 - 1.4% caffeine and Robusta, providing 1.7 - 4% caffeine. Arabica coffee beans are preferred because of their smoother, less bitter taste.

Arabica and Robusta coffee beans

Power-assisted bicycles bring more "quality" coffee experience

Have you ever tried the experience of cycling up a small hill, watching the sunrise and sipping a cup of coffee? This will be an interesting experience that you want to do on the weekends.

You can refer to the latest powerful off-road power-assisted bicycles at ADO E-bike to plan to conquer all terrains.


The chassis is made from high-grade steel alloy, the D30C absorbs shock well, suitable for all muscles - rua loves to challenge speed in all different terrains.

Power-assisted bicycle ADO D30C

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The transmission with 24 speeds, 3 front and 8 rear cassettes ADO A26S XE makes the process of changing gears and discs smooth and highly accurate to help your every stroke achieve the best efficiency.

The front fork of the car is used to match the sturdy, high-strength A26S steel to help you have interesting experiences on all different terrains.

ADO A20 Air

The lines on the car are sharply designed, the frame structure with bold and fancy big boards, the chassis is made from super light aluminum alloy, covered with high-grade, durable paint, with a delicate color combination. , youthful with 3 colors: gray, blue, white with a variety of combinations to suit the interests of young people.

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The ADO E-Bike is a solid companion in urban living. We create products that provide a great driving experience on complex traffic conditions such as bumpy, rocky and uphill. All ADO products are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with environmental guidelines.