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5 Reasons that you should buy Power Bikes now

by Vy Nhat on May 31, 2023

5 Lý do mà bạn nên mua ngay Xe Đạp Trợ Lực

Recently, Power-assisted Bicycle is a popular and widely used vehicle because it has the ability to travel longer distances without spending too much effort. So are electric bicycles really worth buying and using?

  1. Good for health, healthy living.

As society is developing more and more, machines are gradually replacing children's labor, and life is in a hurry, which makes us tend to live passively, spend less time exercising and exercising, which has a negative impact on our lives. health, very susceptible to dangerous diseases such as Blood Sugar, Stroke and Cancer.

Dangerous diseases caused by lazy habits

Science has proven that when people use bicycles at a reasonable level, there are unexpected and especially good health benefits. We can use Bicycles as a means of daily transportation to keep the body moving, not spending much time practicing, not consuming too much energy and still having good health. Power-assisted electric bicycles are different from conventional bicycles in that they are equipped with an electric motor kit that will feel light when moving, with less pedal force, saving energy but still maintaining a moving speed. of the vehicle, in addition, when exhausted, it is possible to use all electricity without pedaling.

Cycling Electric Bicycles Good for Health

  1. Environmental Protection Powered Bicycle

In recent years, the use of clean energy vehicles is one of the ways to improve the environment. It is not natural that the big players in the automobile industry such as BMV, Honda, Porsche ... are racing to produce electric cars. The earth is getting warmer, the emissions are increasing day by day, the living environment is getting more and more harsh, leading to all activities towards being friendly and protecting the environment.

Electric Bicycles contribute to Environmental Protection

Vehicles using electric motors are means of transport that do not emit direct emissions to the environment. More specifically, in a recent study in Australia, the total direct and indirect emissions of each Vehicle using a gasoline engine to run fell about 588 grams of CO2 when running about 1km. Meanwhile, the emissions of a battery-charged electric vehicle are about 213 grams, about 40% lower than that of a gasoline-powered car. Therefore, using vehicles using modern technology electric motors contributes to protecting the environment from pollution. Using electric vehicles will contribute to ensuring a cleaner environment, less smog and reducing Earth's warming.

  1. Convenience, high applicability.

The variety of power-assisted vehicles will surely meet all the needs of customers. Power-assisted electric scooters have many modes of comfort experience, 3 main modes: non-powered, power-assisted and ordinary throttle like electric bicycles. With the non-powered mode, you can use it completely like a normal bike, suitable for sports training, improving endurance. With the power-assisted modes, this bike satisfies all requirements, The user's usage level as well as the long distance traveled when fully charged should be suitable for medium to long distance travel.

Because it is designed to combine with the user's pedaling power, you do not have to worry about the car running out of power in the middle of the road. You can easily feel the speed of the vehicle, thereby controlling your pedal speed. This helps the runner feel safe and secure when using the vehicle.

Electric Power-assisted Bicycle folds neatly into the trunk of a moving car.

In addition, this power-assisted electric bike also has the function of being able to fold up and put in the trunk of the car when moving to the countryside, picnic or put in the elevator as well as bring up the apartment house.

  1. Electric Power-assisted Bicycle - Cost savings.

The cost of using a power-assisted bicycle is also what people are most concerned about, when using this product we have saved the first money that is the cost of gasoline fuel, the cost of paying for a vehicle. Power pedals are also reasonably priced, suitable for most consumers today. The cost to charge the electric bicycle battery is also lower than the fuel cost of a motorbike.

Electric Bicycles use battery energy to save costs.

Besides, it also reduces the cost of drugs and functional foods thanks to cycling activities to improve health, support you to have a toned body.

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  1. Compact, sporty, eye-catching design

Power-assisted bicycles are designed to be compact, can be more flexible easily, especially in rush hour situations that make the streets crowded.

In addition, it also has a variety of models from sporty, dusty to simple and basic. And firmly believe that when you move with an electric bicycle, it is extremely attractive to the eye, as well as looks cool and different.

Electric Bicycles with attractive design, many models and designs.

The ADO E-Bike is a solid companion in urban living. We create products that provide a great driving experience on complex traffic conditions such as bumpy, rocky and uphill. All ADO products are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with environmental guidelines.