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3 ways to use the goat horn handlebars for sports power bikes

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

3 cách sử dụng ghi đông sừng dê xe đạp trợ lực thể thao

Goat horn handlebars are often equipped on racing bikes, with a more complex structure than the handlebars of other bicycles. Goat horn handlebars have many positions for us to hold, giving you more favorable positions. If you are a newbie to racing bicycles, you must have a lot of surprises when using the goat horn handlebar for the first time. Therefore, in this article, ADO bicycle would like to share with you how to use and how to hold the handlebar positions of the goat horn handlebars to help take advantage of the advantages in different positions to increase performance in the car. ride process.

  1. Put your hands on the curved handlebar position - the grip gives you high speed

If you observe major cycling races like the Tourde France, you will surely see that this is the position that many riders use to be able to run at the highest speed. People often call this position the kinematic position that offers the most advantages and reduces wind resistance. The most common grip position of the goat horn handlebars is in the lower curved part of the handle.

When placing the hands in this position, the arms are folded and closed to reduce wind resistance, the back is deeply bowed, making the car can rush at high speed. Suitable for long-distance travel, when athletes want to accelerate to overtake opponents or in many other unexpected situations. This hand position gives you two benefits: high speed and easy brake control to ensure the absolute safest and easiest to handle on the go.

  1. Place your hand at the cap position on the brake lever cover - the best force-generating position

In this position, when you put your hands up, the biggest advantage is that the shoulder and arm frames are open, making the breathing more even, taking advantage of the upright posture to create better momentum, giving you a better view, a better range. can see further, observe as well as handle better.

In this position, your back is always upright, so you can use the back muscles to create the best force to create momentum for the pedal below. They are usually more elevated to your eye level. Of course, you can be more observant and proactive with the road ahead.

You can use this pose when you are about to cross steep slopes. When you put your hands in a horizontal position, it can help you stand and pedal better. When in an upright position, the weight of the body will be completely put on the best leg to help the pedaling force become strong. Combined with a straight handlebar position to help control and navigate well, you can better overcome the terrain.

In this position, you can contact the brake lever from the position of the brake lever cover. This position is also a favorable position to control the brake.

  1. The third way: Take a leisurely walk

When pedaling on flat terrain that is not a slope and pedaling for a walk or play, you don't need much speed. You can absolutely pedal at a normal rate at a moderate slow pace. At this point, you can completely move your hands into the position of the Stem body and handle the steering wheel with an upright sitting position like the horizontal handlebars of a regular sport bike.

At this position of the handle, it is more difficult for you to access the brake lever. The phase of handling emergency braking when encountering obstacles becomes more difficult because the position of the hand is too far away from the brake lever. When your back is sitting in this position, it is inevitable that you will experience fatigue. Therefore, you need to change to another position regularly to avoid straining the muscles when sitting for a long time.

If you are a newbie to sports power bicycles, please refer to experienced, long-term sports bikers or experts of ADO E-bike so that you can accumulate valuable experiences for yourself and your family. Help make the ride better!

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