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Notes when using a family bike

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

Lưu ý khi sử dụng xe đạp gia đình

In the past few years, terrain bikes have been popular with young people, not only because of their sporty design, personality, style, and speed, but also because they are a car that easily conquers all roads. To control a mountain bike, you need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge to use it properly and safely!

1. First you need to choose the right bike brake system

There are two types of mountain bike brakes: disc brakes and rim brakes (also known as mechanical brakes). Currently, FORNIX mountain bikes only use disc brakes to ensure safety when used in muddy, slippery, and steep hilly environments.

The most important thing in using a mountain bike is that you must use the brakes proficiently and squeeze both hands to be safe, especially when going downhill, because at this time the bike speed will increase, If you suddenly brake suddenly, making the brake pressure too great, it will easily cause the car to fall, so you should brake slowly.

Note the case when driving the car uphill : With difficult roads such as steep slopes, you first need to adjust to the small disc + large cassette in combination with movements and postures to keep the car balanced.

2. Choose the right suspension system for the terrain of the trip

The shock absorber system, also known as the fork, is a part to help reduce the impact of each road surface, can absorb vibrations from the road surface on potholes, bad roads, shocks, rough, uneven roads. flat to give you balance, comfort and ease of driving.

Mountain bike forks have 2 main types: Spring fork (also known as Coil fork) and Air fork (or Air fork).

  • Spring fork (also known as Coil fork): This is a type of fork that uses compression mainly in steel or Titanium metal springs.

+ Advantages : Ease of maintenance, maintenance, low cost and better ability to absorb impulses and withstand forces.

Cons : heavy and difficult to adjust

  • Air fork (also known as Air fork): If Coil fork uses compression mainly in metal springs, Air fork is the opposite, using compressed air to act like a spring.

+ Advantages : Light and easy to customize according to the weight of the rider

+ Disadvantages : The compressed air pressure can be changed by the ambient temperature inside the fork caused by the friction process or the ambient temperature when cycling. This affects the stability of the fork. The price of the air fork is also higher than the spring fork.

  1. Choose the right vehicle size

      Choosing a mountain bike with the right height for your body is an important part of helping you control the bike easily and safely. Mountain bike frames come in many forms so you can rely on your foot length to choose the right bike frame.

Your foot length (Inseam Lenght) is the distance from the crotch to the ground (I). The size of the mountain bike frame is measured by the distance between the bottom center of the bike (right at the center of the disc) to the top of the seat tube.

A simple way to quickly choose the right bike frame: first you need to stand up straight, put your feet flat on the ground so that the frame is centered, the right size is when the distance between the bike frame (top tube) than the equivalent crotch of 5 to 10cm (refer to (C) illustration below).

You can refer to the foot length information table below to choose the right bike frame size:

When you choose the right size mountain bike, you will feel very comfortable once you are in the saddle and put your hands on the handlebars. Therefore, ADO terrain power bicycles always have bicycle frame size parameters for you to easily choose the right bike for your height.

4. Need to equip the car with some accessories

You should buy an additional car lock, a flashlight mounted in front to go when it is dark, a reflector attached to the back and a bag containing essential items such as money, phone, snacks, tools. repairs,…

5. Don't forget to use a helmet on every trip

To ensure your own safety, you should equip yourself with quality bicycle helmets! ADO Bicycle Helmet would be a reasonable and safe choice.

6. Some correct postures while riding a mountain bike that you need to know

Hold the pedal and pedal evenly on difficult and bumpy roads to avoid letting the weight of the car make the car reverse, which will be difficult to control.

Perform a forward leaning position when operating the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from being loaded and balance the weight of the vehicle.

Hopefully with a few tips on how to use ADO E-bike's mountain bike, it will help you control the bike more professionally and safely.