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Power bicycles and life

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Xe đạp trợ lực và cuộc sống

With the development of science and technology, the foundation of life has increased, many fast and convenient means of transport have been born such as motorbikes, cars, airplanes, etc., replacing old vehicles such as bicycles, horse wagon. The density of motorbikes and cars on the road is increasing, increasing the number of bicycles by several dozen or several hundred times. Accompanying that speed and convenience comes the negative impact on the environment. Toxic emissions from modern vehicles have contributed to environmental pollution.

Faced with the situation of environmental pollution, many people have returned to using bicycles when possible. With the modernity of life, many new bicycle models are available, helping people to spend less effort and still be able to move faster than the old models. At the same time, the car's design is also more trendy and personal.

In what cases are bicycles used often?

1. Going to school

Nowadays, many students' means of going to school are buses, motorbikes, electric bicycles, etc., but besides that, they also use bicycles to go to school. Bicycles are a means of transportation that can be used by any age group, so elementary or middle school students often use them to go to school.

Cycling to school helps children practice independence and boldness. At the same time, it helps children exercise, support bone and joint development, and increase resistance.

Parents can buy one to use and take their children to school. Many people think that a sport bike or a mountain bike can't carry more people behind, but today there are some bike models that are designed with a rear saddle or a place to install a seat for children to sit, convenient for children. Parents take their children to school.


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2. Going to work

In some countries around the world such as the UK, France, the Netherlands, Japan, etc., people are gradually replacing other means of transport with bicycles with the aim of joining hands to protect the environment and improve health.

Countries are encouraging people to ride bicycles or use public transport to reduce harmful emissions into the air. Not only that, cycling also helps you move faster in traffic jams thanks to the compact size of the vehicle. Going to work by bicycle helps you save fuel costs such as petrol, parking fees, etc.


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  • 3. Hiking

    Many young people have a passion for backpacking but have a love for bicycles, that's why more and more bicycle groups are born. Not only satisfying passion but also not polluting the environment.

    Traveling by motorbike or motorbike is too familiar in the eyes of everyone, but traveling by bicycle is a new thing. Traveling by bicycle will give you a completely different experience than riding a motorbike or motorbike. Moving slowly on the bike helps you see more closely the surroundings, enjoy the fresh air. At the same time, cycling helps you exercise, strengthen physical strength, is a way to practice sports.


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    4. Daily life

    For adults or people who do not know how to ride a motorbike, power-assisted bicycles are their important means of transportation. The speed of a bicycle is of course not as fast as a motorbike, but a bicycle is also very convenient for daily life.

    Adults use bicycles to help them improve their health, the flexibility of their joints, make their bodies stronger, improve blood circulation, and help their hearts become healthier. It also helps reduce the risk of stroke.

    Those who want to exercise to lose weight can choose the cycling method. Cycling helps you get in shape quickly, and at the same time have a healthy body.

    For a healthier life, equip yourself with a power-assisted bicycle.

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