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Power-assisted bicycle with ankle slip and how to fix it

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Xe đạp trợ lực bị trượt mắt cá và cách khắc phục

Power-assisted bicycle ankle slip is a common problem encountered on the road. This is quite a headache for many people. However, if you apply some tips that ADO E-bike shares below. This incident will no longer be an obsession for you.

  • The cause of the bike's ankle slip
  • Ankle slip is a phenomenon when cycling, you can still pedal but the rear wheel does not rotate. This phenomenon is not due to the power-assisted bicycle slipping off the chain, but because the cassette or what we often call the ankle is reversed or broken.

    The cause of the bike's ankle slip is because the bike has 3 springs that are used to push 3 fish. This bike problem may be due to a broken spring or a long-term weakness that is not enough to push the fish. Therefore, leading to a situation when cycling, still pedaling normally but the wheel does not rotate.

    Another cause is due to the screw in the handle and the wheel slip. Therefore, leading to the situation of cycling, only the handle rotates but the wheel does not rotate.

  • How to fix a bike with a slipped ankle
  • Self-repair:

    Sit down and see if the wheel is out of position or deformed. Are the springs in the cassette misaligned from the ankles? Adjust them to the correct position.

    Make sure the screws are tight and work together.

    That's how to fix a bike that slips on a regular bike. As for the foot brake line, when the bike slips the ankle. The ability of the shaft to be on the brake and the shaft prevents the brake from being worn out over time. Therefore, you need to double check and replace to fix this problem.

    Product reference:

    Bring the car to the repair center:

    In case you have followed all the instructions above and still have not found the cause. Take your vehicle to a service center for assistance. Because your car may have a more complicated problem.

    Above is how to fix a bicycle with an ankle slip, this is a problem that causes quite a lot of discomfort. However, if you know how to handle and repair it in time, it will not be a frequent disease for your car. Good luck!