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The most important criteria when choosing a power-assisted bicycle for women

by Vy Nhat on May 24, 2023

Tiêu chí quan trọng nhất khi chọn xe đạp trợ lực cho nữ

  1. Demand

If you are a lover of sporty, active and adventurous style. You want to use a bicycle for sports purposes or for travel that is not too long. You often have to travel on rough, rocky roads. ADO power assist bicycle will be the most suitable choice.

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If you are a speed enthusiast, you usually only cycle on flat asphalt roads with few obstacles. If you want to use a bicycle to practice or participate in bicycle races, a power-assisted bicycle is reasonable.

In addition, if you want to use a bicycle to go to work, go to the market, go to school or go for a walk, you should use a city bicycle. Currently, on the market there are many diverse city bicycle models for women with many very beautiful and feminine designs.

If you are a girl who likes to travel and often travel on many different terrains, you should choose a road bike.

Thus, it can be seen that there are many types of power-assisted bicycles to suit different needs. Power-assisted bicycles for women are mainly used to serve the needs of training, exercising or traveling short distances.

  1. Design

2.1. Weight of vehicle

For women with "weak arms and legs", the first criterion when choosing a power assisted vehicle for women is the weight of the vehicle. To ensure that the vehicle frame remains sturdy but still light, you should choose vehicles with frames made of aluminum alloy or carbon titanium.

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Depending on economic conditions, each frame material will bring a different riding experience. But for mid-range power assisted bicycles, aluminum alloy is often used. This type is resistant to oxidation so it does not rust and has a long life. Frames made of carbon or titanium are quite expensive, from 70 - 80 million or more. Therefore, it is not suitable for the majority of customers.

2.2. The car's size is suitable

The most beautiful power-assisted bicycle for women is the one that fits her best. When buying a car, you need to pay attention to the wheel size, vertical length and horizontal length to fit your body. You can consult the sales staff to choose the right car.

2.3. Wide saddle

Women often have a wide pelvis. Therefore, when choosing to buy a power-assisted bicycle for women, priority should be given to choosing models with a wide and smooth saddle design. This equipment helps women have a comfortable sitting position and is comfortable when using. Especially when cycling for long periods of time.

  1. Price

Power-assisted bicycles for women have a wide market price range from a few million to more than 100 million. At ADO, you have a top quality power assist vehicle in Vietnam and the world at a reasonable price suitable for everyone.

The chassis is made of aluminum alloy that is both light and durable, high quality starter, safe and highly aesthetic disc brakes. Manufacturers are also very interested in female customers, so they have launched many products that not only meet aesthetic criteria, but the designs and equipment are also very smart and suitable for the target audience. This.

  1. Brand and seller

ADO is a solid companion in urban life. We create products that provide a great driving experience on difficult traffic conditions such as bumps, rocks and uphill. All ADO products are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with environmental principles.

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