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Why cycling to lose weight but not effective?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Tại sao đạp xe giảm cân nhưng không hiệu quả?

You probably know that cycling regularly has many benefits for our body. Cycling helps prevent cardiovascular risks, blood pressure, good for bones, joints, back, ... and especially helps to lose weight.

But many people do not get the desired results when riding a power bike. Since then, there have been many questions about the effect of power-assisted cycling on weight loss.

Have you always wondered if it is true that cycling will help you lose weight? Have you always thought why people successfully lose weight by riding a power bike and you? Do you sometimes want to give up? These thoughts keep popping up in your mind making you depressed.

But not every power-assisted bike ride is to lose weight, you need to pay attention to avoid some of the following problems to achieve the expected results.

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  1. Improper eating

In order to lose weight, in addition to exercising, riding a power bike, it is necessary to have a scientific diet. First, you should check your body mass index (BMI) to know what state your body is in so that you can create the best weight loss plan.

You should eat a lot of fruits, foods that provide protein, magnesium, etc. Limit your intake of refined sugar foods, reduce the amount of starch. In particular, you need to monitor and pay attention to the amount of calories consumed and consumed by the body to adjust our menu.

Do not let the body in a state of dehydration, must always provide adequate water for the body. Drinking plenty of water helps promote metabolism in the body and helps eliminate toxins. Hot weather easily makes the body tired and dehydrated, so in the dry season you should prepare water to bring when cycling.

When losing weight, you can't eat too much, but you can't let your stomach go hungry, so you should divide it into meals. Not only helps the body have enough energy to work but also does not affect weight loss.

  1. Overtraining, no proper plan

Not only eating improperly but exercising too much, leaving the body tired, you still exercise continuously is also a mistake when you want to lose weight.

You try to ride a power bike with the thought that the more you pedal, the faster you will lose weight, but you don't know that is a wrong thinking. Many people are too eager to lose weight quickly, but there are wrong methods and ways to lose weight.

Whether riding a power bike for the purpose of losing weight or improving health, a proper exercise plan is needed. If you want to lose weight, every day you should spend 30-60 minutes cycling. But if your body is too tired to do a 60-minute cycle, you can split your training time into two mornings and afternoons. Or you can use a bicycle as a substitute for your commute to work. Mountain bikes and sports bikes are two lines of power-assisted bicycles suitable for exercise and sports.

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  1. Don't ride a power-assisted bike often

To achieve the set weight loss goals, you should regularly cycle, preferably every day. Regular cycling helps your body quickly adapt to the intensity of exercise. At the same time, it also helps the body's excess fat to be burned faster, bringing better weight loss results.

If you don't have too much time for cycling, you can use your bike in your daily commute. You should remember to cycle regularly, but also pay attention to the second issue is not to exercise too much, pay attention to rest.

To achieve the desired results, you should have a reasonable diet as well as exercise. And especially don't be impatient to make the mistakes mentioned above.

ADO wishes you successful weight loss.

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