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Car display event at ADO Tan Phu

by Vy Nhat on May 22, 2023

Sự kiện trưng bày xe tại ADO Tân Phú

Car display event at ADO Tan Phu

Has brought memorable experiences to customers who are passionate about electric power assist bicycles. With the appearance of the latest electric power assisted bicycle models, ADO has attracted the attention of many customers to come and experience the product.

At the event, ADO displayed many of their latest models, including urban electric power-assisted bicycles and electric mountain bikes. These e-bike models are packed with the most advanced features and technology, making commuting easier than ever.

Two product lines have received much attention from customers:

In addition to displaying the latest electric power-assisted bicycles, ADO also organizes many interesting activities to attract customers. At the event, customers are provided with free consulting, maintenance and repair services. This makes it possible for customers to fully enjoy their electric power assist bike experience without having to worry about technical issues.

Not only activities at the event, ADO also has a special promotion for customers when buying electric bicycles at the event. Customers can buy cars with preferential prices and many attractive gifts.

In addition, ADO also provides consulting services and instructions on how to use electric bicycles for customers. This helps customers know how to use electric power assist bicycles in the most effective and safe way.

The car display event at ADO Tan Phu brought memorable and interesting experiences for customers. This is a great opportunity to explore and experience the latest ADO models. With the continuous development of technology, electric power-assisted bicycles are becoming more and more popular and ADO always accompanies this trend by organizing events to display electric bicycles at its branches. In particular, the car display event at ADO Tan Phu is one of the activities that attract a large number of customers to participate.

With the theme "Electric power-assisted bicycle - New journey of technology and health", the event has attracted the attention and participation of a large number of customers who love electric power-assisted bicycles. Here, customers can visit and experience ADO's latest vehicles, from sports cars, popular cars to high-end and luxury models.

Not only a product display activity, the event is also a place for customers to have the opportunity to chat, share experiences and learn from other bike enthusiasts. ADO's enthusiastic and professional staff are also ready to advise and answer customers' questions, helping them choose the right product for their needs and preferences.

In addition, ADO also has a special discount program during the event, helping customers save money and have more motivation to own a great electric power bike. In particular, ADO at Aeon Tan Phu offers flexible installment services, helping customers to easily own the electric bike they desire.

Coming to the electric power-assisted bicycle display event at ADO Tan Phu, customers will not only experience the best bikes, but also have the opportunity to exchange, connect and share with fellow enthusiasts. This is an interesting and rewarding activity that meets the needs of today's consumers to learn and experience electric power-assisted bicycles.

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