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Distinguish between sports power bikes and city power bikes

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Phân biệt giữa xe đạp trợ lực thể thao và xe đạp trợ lực thành phố

Are you looking to choose for yourself a power-assisted bicycle, to exercise and conquer your passion, but can't decide yet? For power-assisted bicycles, there are also many different options. Let ADO E-bike decode for you about 2 lines of sports bikes and city bikes!

Power bike sports bike

Lightweight sport bike designed for flat paved roads.

The handlebars of sports bikes are usually bent into 2 steps. The front fork is made of carbon composite, but there is no front or rear suspension.

Product reference:

  • ADO Air powered bicycle 20
  • Power-assisted bicycle A20F XE
  • Power bike ADO A20 Lite
  • Tires are designed with tires and tires that are usually thin, with less spikes compared to other models to minimize vehicle weight, along with reducing contact with the road surface. The chassis is designed to create an aerodynamic posture when sitting to reduce friction and achieve high speeds.

    Advantages: of the sports racing bike line is the advantage of wind speed.


    Sports power bikes have poor grip on the road, especially in the rain because the bike has no fenders.

    - Tires and tires are thin, so it is easy to tear or deflate when encountering obstacles

    - The chassis is designed to be slender, so it is less effective when traveling on bad and bumpy roads.

    - The price of racing bikes is quite high.

    City power bike

    This is a product line designed to be versatile, used both inside and outside the city.

    With a slim frame, smooth tires. City power bike has durability and fast speed on short and flat roads, in addition to the ability to overcome bad roads.


    - Light, easy to handle, the car's speed is always maintained even when overcoming rough roads.

    - Narrow neck angle, easy to control.

    - Straight handlebars for an upright sitting position and fender trim.

    Cons :

    Despite having many outstanding advantages, they are not the choice for those who are passionate about conquering challenges in mountainous areas or difficult terrain.

    The ADO E-Bike is a solid companion in urban living. We create products that provide a great driving experience on complex traffic conditions such as bumpy, rocky and uphill. All ADO products are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with environmental guidelines.