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What you need to know before buying a bike for your child

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Những điều bạn cần biết trước khi mua xe đạp cho trẻ

Giving children a power-assisted bicycle is a great gift to help children love outdoor activities as well as forge independence. With the right power-assisted bicycle, a whole new world will be opened to every child, with a variety of products, many parents have many doubts about buying children's bicycles. Let ADO E-bike help you make the best choice for your child!

Children should be taught how to balance

Parents often think that teaching children how to ride a bike steadily is more important, but the most important thing is to teach children how to balance while riding a bike.

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  • So parents should start with a balance bike, from which children can start learning to pedal and ride effectively. In addition, the balance bike will help children feel a lot more confident with their first pedals.

    Choose the right bike size for your child

    Things will become easier when you can choose for your child a bike that is suitable for the size of the child's foot length and weight. To ensure that the right car is selected, parents should take the time to observe the height and weight of the child in each stage.

    Choose the right car for your age and height

    With the development over time, choosing a new bike is absolutely necessary, parents should observe the old bike is still suitable for the child through the child's cycling process. If the child's knees and elbows cannot be straightened, it means that the bike is smaller for the child. Parents can proceed to adjust the saddle to better fit the child.

    Priority should be given to vehicles with light weight

    You would not expect when children participate in sports activities that they can cause injuries to children, right? Choosing the perfect weight car is also one of the essential things to reduce unnecessary accidents in children.

    Specifically, when the weight of a bicycle is too large, it often makes it difficult for children to control and control during operation. One of the difficulties that children often face is the cumbersomeness of the car, the bars are too large, limiting the child's control process as well as the need for more force, causing rapid loss of strength in children. This will have great effects on the health of the child when the muscles are stressed for a long time.

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    How to choose a car with technical specifications suitable for children?

    Paying attention to the specifications of bicycles, even children's bicycles, is extremely necessary. They will contribute to ensuring the safety as well as providing strong sporting experiences for children.

    The top concern that parents need to take care of for their children is the brake system, which needs to ensure that the child can stop the car safely in front of obstacles, this greatly supports the heart health of the child. Friend.

    Please contact ADO E-bike to choose a suitable companion for your child!