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Parents should let their children ride bicycles and walk to school to increase the child's ability to concentrate

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

Cha mẹ nên để trẻ đạp xe và đi bộ đến trường để tăng khả tăng khả năng tập trung cho trẻ

With today's busy study time, children seem to have less time to participate in physical activities, which leads to consequences such as obesity, mental retardation of children, etc. Those concerns, let ADO E-bike help parents better understand the benefits of cycling to school!

  1. Studies in the world on the ability to concentrate when cycling and walking.

According to a 2012 Danish study, children who walk or cycle to school often perform better on tasks that require attention than children who go to school by car or public transport. plus other. A child's attention span can last up to 4 hours after cycling or walking to school.

In addition to the health benefits of cycling and walking, forming the habit of traveling by self-sufficient bicycle gives children the opportunity to learn about the geography of the area where they live along with knowledge about Nature is better.

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  • In addition, another study from Australia using pedometers and accelerometers found that: “Children who are active and participate in physical activities learn more and have better health than children who are active and participate in physical activities. sedentary children”

    1. Benefits of physical activities like cycling and walking

    Through sports activities such as swimming, cycling, along with other outdoor activities is a way for children to effectively regenerate energy, as well as help to relax their mind after exercise. stress study.

    When sitting still for more than 20 minutes, it will make the brain's performance worse, because the oxygen supply to the brain is limited, and movement is the way to stimulate neurons to work effectively. fruit.

    In the process of cycling, the body will release endorphins that create more positive emotions, especially when cycling in the early morning will be a way to help children start a new day full of energy to dispel the feeling. sleepy every time I go to class.

    1. Choosing the right power-assisted bicycle for children

    Currently, there are many different types of bicycles, parents, let's choose with Fornix for children effective companions.

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    In addition, each speed will be suitable for each different terrain and suitable for the condition when cycling as well as suitable for different cycling purposes.

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    For children who love strong conquest, parents can choose for their children the sports power-assisted bicycle product line, with a personality design with a highlight of the buffalo horn handlebar. ADO D30C is designed with high-quality aluminum alloy frame with 14-speed variable speed, 700c wheel ring.

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