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Tips you need to keep in mind when cycling on heavily polluted days

by Vy Nhat on May 23, 2023

Những mẹo bạn cần bỏ túi khi đạp xe trợ lực trong những ngày trời ô nhiễm nặng

Air pollution has become a serious problem in modern urban life. Not only does it affect human health, but it also reduces our passivity and joy when participating in outdoor activities such as cycling. However, we cannot always avoid days of heavy pollution. So, take note of the following tips to ride a power-assisted bicycle safely and comfortably even in polluted environments.

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  1. Choose the right schedule and location: Avoid main roads or areas with heavy traffic on heavily polluted days. Instead, choose side roads, tree-lined roads or areas with little pollution to ride your power bike. This helps reduce exposure to polluted air and enjoy cleaner spaces.
  2. Use a protective mask : It is important to protect the respiratory system from polluted gases. Before starting your journey, make sure you are wearing a high-quality respiratory protection mask . Masks help limit exposure to fine particles and contaminants in the air, keeping your breathing in top condition.
  3. Adjust speed and level of power assistance: On polluted days, limit excessive acceleration and use power assistance at low levels. This helps reduce the amount of polluted air you breathe into your body. Run slowly and relax your body, enjoy the surrounding landscape and keep yourself healthy.
  4. Take care of your personal health: Especially on polluted days, pay attention to your personal health. Drink enough water to keep your body in balance. Add foods rich in antioxidants such as green vegetables, fruits and nuts. This helps strengthen the immune system and minimize the effects of pollution on the body.
  5. Regularly check and maintain your vehicle: In a polluted environment, periodic checking and maintenance of power-assisted bicycles is very important. Make sure the power steering system is working properly and is not causing any problems. Clean and lubricate necessary components to ensure best performance in contaminated environments.

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No matter how polluted the weather is, riding a power-assisted bicycle still brings benefits to your health and spirit. Apply the above tips to ensure safety and comfort when participating in power cycling activities on heavily polluted days. At the same time, let's join hands to protect the environment and build a healthy community by choosing power-assisted bicycles and promoting the use of environmentally friendly means of transportation.

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