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Should I buy a large or small wheeled power bike? Target users suitable for each type

by Vy Nhat on May 31, 2023

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On the market today, there are mainly two types of bicycle wheels: large-wheeled bicycles and small-wheeled bicycles. So, should you buy a large or small wheeled power bike. Check out this article for the answer!
Big wheels and small wheels both have their pros and cons. Importantly, it is only suitable for a certain group of objects. Let's first learn about the pros and cons of each type of bicycle wheel!

  1. Pros and cons of small wheel assist bicycles

Small wheeled bicycles have a fairly small tire size of only 1-1.5 inches. Wheels range from 14 to 16 inches in diameter. This type of bike is commonly found in children's power bikes, folding bikes, street bikes and some mini mountain bikes.


A big advantage to mention in the small-wheeled power-assisted bike line is that the bike can be used for many different users. In the family: Children, parents or grandparents can all share a car of this type. Just adjust the height of the saddle and your whole family can go.
The next advantage is that small-wheel powered bicycles often have a compact and flexible design. So it can move on many different types of terrain. In addition, the car has small wheels, so the design is very neat. You can store it in a small corner of the house or put it in the car to take it with you when you travel.
Mini-wheel bicycle is a new product line, manufactured using modern technology. The vehicle has a large load capacity. Quality movement to meet the diverse needs of users.
It can be said that small wheeled bicycles are quite versatile and used for many different purposes. Therefore, many people are quite fond of this type of bike.

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Small-wheeled power-assisted bicycles will hardly work well when traveling on rough, potholes and gravel roads.
Due to the small wheel size, the rider needs to pedal more laps and go slower than a large-wheeled power bike.
Tires are small in size, so the car is not suitable for traveling on wet and slippery roads. The bike has not as good traction as the big wheel bike.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of large-wheeled power bicycles

Large-wheeled power-assisted bicycles usually have tires about 4 inches or more. Wheel sizes range from 26 - 29 inches. This type of bike is commonly found in many types of power-assisted bicycles today such as sports bikes, racing bikes, city bikes, fashion bikes, etc.


- The car has big tires and large size, making the overall car stronger, more liberal and sportier.
- The speed of the bike is also faster and less power loss than the small wheeled bike.
- Big tires so good friction ability. Therefore, it is often used on off-road models and racing bikes.

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- The disadvantage of large-wheeled power-assisted bicycles is that it requires the rider to have a height of over 1m50. So it is difficult for people of modest height to ride this car comfortably.
- In addition, for those of you with limited storage space, it is difficult to use this vehicle. Because the car takes up a lot of storage space.

  1. Should I buy a large or small wheel assist bike?

Should you buy a large or small wheeled power bike is a question that cannot be answered for everyone. This also depends a lot on your personal factors such as: Height, preferences, habits, space of your home. Please answer for yourself the question of whether to buy a large or small wheeled power bike!

Suitable objects for small-wheeled power-assisted bicycles:

- People with modest height (under 1m50)
- People with small car storage space
- People who use the car mainly for the purpose of daily travel or going out, walking, ...
- People who like to bring power-assisted bicycles to travel or work.

Suitable objects for large-wheeled power-assisted bicycles

- People who love to exercise with power-assisted bicycles
- People who love speed and often ride with rough terrain.
- People who love strength, sports and personality.