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Reasons to choose a folding power bike

by Vy Nhat on Jun 06, 2023

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The folding power-assisted bicycle appeared officially around 2004, the invention of British Clive Sinclair. He invented the world's smallest bicycle called A-Bike, which weighs only 5.5kg but can withstand a weight of 112kg.

ADO E-bike also has many folding power-assisted bicycle models with outstanding features, compact design, personality and especially easy to double to help you solve the problem of space and time easily. easy. Because the design of the ADO E-bike folding bike can be folded in half, you can take it anywhere, when taking the bus, subway or traveling. Choosing a folding bike is a smart choice in the modern life of urban dwellers.

Reasons you should own an ADO folding power bike::

  1. Folding bicycles have a variety of wheels suitable for all terrains

When Clive Sinclair invented the folding bicycle, the wheel was only 1/4 the size of a regular bicycle wheel. However, current folding bikes not only have small 14-inch and 16-inch wheels but also have 20'' and 26'' wheels.

In addition, folding bikes also have wheels dedicated to mountainous terrain

Product reference:

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  1. The car is easy to fold to save space.

One feature that only folding bikes have is that they can be folded. You can save a lot of space compared to a regular bike. In addition, Fornix always creates quality folding bicycles that are easy to fold, users can assemble or fold them simply, easily, conveniently in moving and put in the trunk of a car. When traveling, easy to carry anywhere, stowed away in the house, apartment or cafe with friends.

  1. Personalized design suitable for many objects.

With the purpose of being a means of daily commute or walking for young people, the folding bicycles, although with different designs, are designed very smartly, so that they are both simple and convenient. In addition, they also inherit many modern manufacturing technologies and high-strength materials.

With a diverse and stylish design, the saddle and collar can be increased or decreased in height as you like, the low horizontal frame is convenient for both men and women, even those who are "dwarf" do not hesitate to use it. choose this folding bike as a means of transportation. Folding bicycles are the perfect choice for all ages from children to office workers...

It's great isn't it? Come to ADO E-bike to choose a bike that's right for you.