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Basic techniques of sports power bicycles

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

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When cycling, we usually use from three main muscle groups: quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Making good use of these three important muscle groups will help you accelerate quickly as well as maximize your fitness. ADO E-bike will share with you professional sports cycling techniques to make your speed experiences more exciting!

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For cycling sports, the terrain always requires a rhythmic combination of muscle groups. You need to increase the force between your legs evenly, reducing the burden when using force, making the bike ride smoother.

  1. Frequently asked questions about sport cycling:

- Do many girls worry about the problem when cycling sports, the terrain will make the legs and butt bigger?

In fact, cycling does not make the legs and butt bigger and bigger, but on the contrary, they help the muscle groups here become firmer and stronger.

Excess fat is often concentrated in hard-to-move parts such as the abdomen, hamstrings and buttocks. But with cycling, you will easily help them toned and slimmer.

- Depending on your fitness, you can choose the right speed and terrain.

Practicing mountain biking on gentle slopes or using a flywheel dirt bike is one of the most effective ways to help your cycling journey save energy.

For beginners, not familiar with vigorous exercise, choose a terrain that is convenient for you. If after exercise, you feel pain in the buttocks and thighs, it is because you have done the right exercise method.

  1. Basic skills when cycling:

Anling Movement (Anling)

Ankle movements include: pushing, squeezing, pulling, and lifting.

- Use the force to push the pedal forward

- Squeeze down

- Pull the pedal to the floor

- And finally lift

When you press the pedal, you need to use force, and act in many directions. Thus, in the next laps, the pedal will move in a circular motion at a fast speed and the foot will stay still.

Need to raise legs (Ovaling), moving at high speed continuously.

Keeping your feet steady during movement will save you unnecessary physical waste, since the individual eye is then working at multiple angles.

The right leg pushes forward, the left leg pulls back, this combination creates two opposite forces, acting on the bone region, followed by the up and down movement of the thigh and muscle groups here.

In the circular motion, the ankles are raised, the power is strongly adjusted in the area below the navel, at the joints, at the thighs instead of the pedaling force at the feet.

Therefore, choosing the right bike for your body type and height is extremely important to your needs.

The new line of sports racing bicycles at ADO E-bike , designed to be powerful, along with new outstanding features will help you have a great experience when conquering speed.

Rounding Ankle

For continuous mountain biking, at high speed, the ankle must work continuously for a long time, which will lead to injury.

So, during your activity, you need to take the pedal as the center, so that the foot pulls around. Heels should not be raised too high or too low, ankles should not work up and down too much.