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Experiences to keep in mind when choosing to buy a power-assisted bicycle in the city

by Vy Nhat on May 31, 2023

Kinh nghiệm cần lưu ý khi chọn mua xe đạp trợ lực đi trong thành phố

Buying power-assisted bicycles to go in the city to both serve the needs of daily travel and exercise is a trend. Are you looking for a suitable power bike to ride in the city? Here are 10 experiences when choosing to buy a power-assisted bicycle in the city you need to know.
What kind of bicycles can go in the city.

1. Power-assisted bicycle models

City E-Bike (City E-Bike)

City power bike is a type of bike that combines a mountain bike and a racing bike. The bike has a lighter and more minimalist design than the mountain bike line. City powered bicycles are suitable for people who often travel on flat, less rough roads. The car goes on long distances without exerting too much effort.

Mountain Bike (MTB)

Terrain bicycles are designed to be suitable for difficult terrain such as hills, bad roads, difficult to ride, ... This bike usually has a large, sturdy frame. Large set of tires, with many spikes to increase grip with the ground. The car is equipped with shock absorbers to help provide a smooth driving feeling when moving on difficult terrain.

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Touring Bike

This vehicle is designed to be able to work well on long journeys such as travel, backpacking, ... Therefore, the car has a long and sturdy chassis design. Usually has a large payload to be able to carry more furniture. Wheels are made with few spikes to move quickly and gently, avoiding loss of strength during the journey.

Criteria for choosing to buy power-assisted bicycles in the city.
2.1 Origins

Imported bicycles: This line of power-assisted bicycles is being favored by many people. Imported bicycles are usually of international quality and are manufactured according to advanced technology. Model of a modern car. The material is focused on investment, so imported power-assisted bicycles are usually quite light in weight. However, the price of imported bicycles is often higher than that of power-assisted bicycles produced in the country.

Bicycles made in the country: The advantage of this model is the lower price. The model is suitable for Vietnamese tastes and physical condition. Spare parts are easy to find and replace. However, materials and equipment are of lower quality.

2.2 Needs

2.2.1 Need to go to school/work
If you need to find a power-assisted bicycle to serve your daily travel needs such as going to school, work, walking, etc., you should choose a city bike.
As we all know, city power-assisted bicycles operate well on smooth road surfaces, with few potholes. Vehicles have a compact design, small tires, less spikes than off-road vehicles. At the same time, it is equipped with a speed transmission to help change modes flexibly, reducing the feeling of fatigue.

2.2.2 The need for exercise

If you need to find a bike to exercise and improve health, you should choose a mountain bike line. This vehicle is equipped with a strong frame and large tires to help you balance on bad terrain. The tire surface also has more spikes to increase grip.
The weight of this type of bike is quite large, so it moves at a slower speed than city bikes. The vehicle is equipped with shock absorbers to help the vehicle move stably and smoothly.

Which bike should I buy to ride in the city? Consider your needs to choose the most suitable bike.

2.3 Height

For advice on buying power-assisted bicycles to go in the city, surely Bicycle Supermarket cannot ignore this criterion for you. A vehicle that is suitable for your height makes it more convenient and comfortable to use. You can refer to how to choose the right bike for your height. However, each car manufacturer has different size measurements, so this is just a reference:
147 cm - 155 cm: Fits XS size, frame about 40 - 45 cm
155 cm - 165 cm: Fits size S, the side of the car is about 46 - 50 cm
165 cm - 175 cm: Fits for size M, the side of the car is about 51 - 53 cm
175 cm - 183 cm: Fits for size L, the side of the car is about 54 - 56 cm
183 cm or more: Fits for XL size, the side of the car is about 57 - 58 cm

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2.4 Equipment

2.4.1 Chassis
The chassis should choose a type with high durability. Some common types of chassis today:
Steel frame: Has good load capacity, high strength. However, this material is quite heavy and easily corroded over time.
Aluminum frame and aluminum alloy: This is the most commonly used type. It ensures both durability and light weight.
Carbon and Titanium Frame: This is a specialized type for high-end cars because of its high price and durability, the best light today.
You can choose from the above frame types according to your needs.

2.4.2 Themes

The starter is one of the important parts that help the vehicle change modes according to different uses and terrain.
You should choose power-assisted bikes that have a good governor but don't need too much speed. Because the street terrain is flat and there are few obstacles.

2.4.3 Brakes

Currently, there are two types of bicycle brakes: rim brakes and disc brakes. Each type has its own advantages. Like the rim brake has the strong point of being easy to replace and cheap to repair. But works less effectively in bad weather and terrain conditions.
Disc brakes are safer but more expensive.

2.5 Selling price

Currently, the selling price of bicycles in the city ranges from a few million to a few dozen. Depending on the price, the car has different commensurate quality.
Reference price of ADO A26S bicycle is 22,500,500 VND

The ADO E-bike is a solid companion in urban life. We create products that provide a great driving experience on complex traffic conditions such as bumpy, rocky and uphill. All ADO products are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with environmental guidelines.