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Instructions on how to ride a bike quickly without effort

by Vy Nhat on Jun 01, 2023

Hướng dẫn cách đạp xe nhanh mà không tốn sức

Bicycle enthusiasts will be fascinated by power-assisted bicycles possessing new technologies that make bicycles faster and lighter. However, such modern power-assisted cars are not cheap at all. Therefore, in the following article we will guide you on how to ride a fast bike without effort with your existing bike. Let's follow along!

Common cycling habits

When cycling, usually when the foot comes to the front, we will press the front foot to create pedal force while the back foot rests on the pedal. In the next cycle, the movement will reverse and form a cycle of repetition. That is, when the right foot kicks, the left foot will rest and when the left foot kicks the right foot will rest.
This cycling habit of ours has contributed to reducing the impact of the force of the foot pedaling when the other foot is at rest. The strength of the mind will be proportional to the force of the foot that is pedaling, so the stronger the pedaling force, the stronger the resting leg.

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Another disadvantage is that when climbing the slopes, we often have the habit of tiptoeing, causing the weight of the whole body to fall on the two pedals of the bike. In which, half of the body weight will act on the pedal to help the car run, and the other half will rest on the rear pedal and create inertia that contributes to the reduction of the force of the moving leg. If the force transmitted is greater by tiptoeing on the pedal, it also entails great inertia.

This is a huge disadvantage that many people encounter because they want to run fast when climbing slopes. However, in theory, this does not make you climb the slope gently, simply. This argument may sound a little hard to believe, but you can experiment with it while cycling.

Instructions on how to ride a bike quickly without effort

How to speed up cycling
With this way, let's just ride the bike as usual, when it's the turn of the foot to pedal backwards, it's okay to slightly lift the foot off the pedal or not yet off the pedal. This will be very effective when you want to start accelerating, climbing steep slopes or sprinting to the finish line. At the same time, you also need to put more force into the front pedal foot.

How to ride a bike

This is the least effortful way because you just need to raise your back foot and you're done and the front leg is at rest, no need to press down on the pedal. This seems to be the opposite of normal driving. Instead of pressing hard on the front pedal as usual, you will use less force to raise the foot on the back pedal. This method is often used when walking, running or commuting every day.

How to cycle fast and durable

Use the second way to grow up and mainly develop in the rotation, so you need to try to move faster. Here t will use inertia to maintain and develop speed. This way will not take too much effort, but only requires little effort to accelerate the rotation, so it should be used to run sustainably. This method is very popular with professional racing athletes when running long distances.

Those are some tips on how to ride a bike quickly without effort that we want to share to help you release inertia and make the process of riding a bike lighter. Hope the information provided above is really helpful to you. Thank you for reading the article of ADO E-bike!

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