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Bicycle seat height adjustment for beginners

by Vy Nhat on Jun 07, 2023

Điều chỉnh độ cao yên xe đạp dành cho người mới

Power-assisted cycling is a sport that requires persistent and long-term practice. And usually on average 3 years, your muscles will change according to the habit of cycling over long distances and speed. And the saddle height is also a method that contributes to perfecting your practice

Let ADO E-bike tell you the methods to be able to adjust the height of the bicycle saddle to suit each person's body right away!

According to experts, the height of the saddle plays an important role in your training. Too low a saddle height can lead to a rapid loss of energy up to 12%. And depending on the body shape of each person, there is a suitable choice.

Product reference:

  1. Heel method:

You place the heel of your shoe on the pedal and adjust the saddle height, so that your foot is straight on the pedal at 6 o'clock with the pelvis in a horizontal position.

This is a fairly common method, but in fact, the saddle height is adjusted lower than each person.

  1. 109% method:

This is the method where the saddle height reaches 109% of the inseam measurement (the length from your crotch to the ground). With saddle height measured from the bike's pedal shaft to the top of the saddle.

This is a fairly common method used by professional coaches for athletes.

  1. LeMond method:

This is the upgrade method of 109%. At this method, only 88.3% of the length is measured inseam.

However, for people with long femurs, it is not suitable because for a normal body, the saddle seems to be adjusted higher, making it difficult to support the foot.

  1. Holmes method:

This is a method to reduce injuries when cycling. Used by knee anglers ranging from 25 to 35 and 25 degrees with a history of tendinitis.

Currently, for all power-assisted bicycles, the saddle can be adjusted in height to suit each person's body. Make sure that each time you make adjustments, you have firmly screwed the saddle, so that your movement is the most comfortable and safest.

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