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Going in Heavy Rain - Yes ADO A20 Cars Aren't Afraid of Heavy Rain

by Vy Nhat on May 31, 2023

Đi Mưa To - Có ADO A20 XE Lo Không Ngại Mưa To

Riding in Heavy Rain - Yes ADO A20-XE Worry Not Afraid of Heavy Rain - Rainproof Electric Bicycle

The ADO A20XE folding electric bike is a folding model with a youthful, modern design, suitable for all ages. In addition to high-end equipment, ensuring all comfort and comfort when experiencing, its models also meet strict safety standards, comply with the traffic regulations of the European Union.

With strong performance, the ADO A20-XE car can go up to about 60km when using pure electricity, and if you step on the power assist, it will fall to 80km. About this line, it is inherently pure electric and compact, so you can stuff the trunk of all cars without having to think too much. Extremely light weight, super super light with only 28Kg, it is almost convenient to carry or carry. The car uses a very durable Lithium-ion battery, so even if the battery is damaged, it is very easy to replace.

Product reference: Power-assisted bicycle ADO A20 VEHICLE

In particular, the ADO A20XE folding electric bike is a foldable electric vehicle that makes it easy for users to carry and move.

Summary of the most outstanding features of ADO A20XE

  1. Folding design, sturdy, durable color over time

The ADO A20XE folding electric bike has an overall size of 155 x 53 x 110cm. When folded, the size of the car is 90 x 43 x 70cm. This size makes it more convenient for users to move and store to save space.

The ebike handlebars and saddle can be adjusted to a flexible height depending on the purpose and needs of the rider.

The car is suitable for users with a height of 140 - 190cm

Withstands loads up to 120kg.

ADO A20XE chassis is made of high-grade aluminum alloy box. The total weight of the car is only 21.2kg. Especially, it has undergone 400,000 safety tests at SGS laboratory.

Paint color is also improved from one layer to four layers. This helps the car resist the effects of the environment, lasting color over time. When used for a long time, the car is still shiny, minimizing color degradation.

The size of ADO A20XE after folding is only 90 x 43 x 70cm

  1. 10.4AH . high energy battery

The ADO A20XE folding electric bike has a 10.4AH high capacity battery. This helps the range to go up to 80km.

In addition, the company also provides an energy-saving V2.0 BMS battery management system, efficiency increased by 20% compared to previous versions, comfortably for 500 charge - discharge times.

  1. Shimano 7-speed gearbox

ADO has selected a high-end gearbox from Shimano. This is a famous accessory brand that is often equipped on electric power assisted bicycle models. Shimano 7-speed gearbox for smooth, quiet operation, better grip.

  1. Safety suspension system

ADO A20XE is equipped with multi-suspension technology that makes you amazed at its ability to handle shocks and vibrations when moving. thereby ensuring the safety of the driver. In addition, it also helps the car to operate smoothly, increasing the durability of the vehicle.

The main points of vibration and shock reduction on the car include: Dual front forks that absorb shocks and shocks; saddle with high elasticity, reduced in downforce on the saddle tube; dual force air damper wheel.

ADO A20XE is equipped with multi-system technology

  1. 250W brushless DC motor, 2.0 . G-Driver control system

The ADO A20XE folding electric bike has a powerful 250W brushless motor. Fast G-Driver 2.0 control system. Thereby, the distance traveled when using electric force will be longer, users will feel comfortable when operating.

Quick G-Driver 2.0 control system

  1. HD LCD screen

High definition IPX5 standard waterproof LCD display. Can still be clearly displayed in sunlight when the sun is strong

Not only does it monitor the speed and available battery capacity, but it also allows you to monitor the operation mode switch of the e-bike from which to make appropriate adjustments.

  1. Mechanical disc brake, dual brake pads

Both the front and rear wheels of the ADO A20XE are equipped with disc brakes with a quick heat dissipation design, instantly handling unexpected and emergency situations. So it deserves a professional sports bike.

On the other hand, the dual brake pads also help to stop the movement more stable to avoid bending the disc after a long time of use.

ADO A20XE is equipped with disc brakes on both front and rear wheels


ADO A20XE is one of the folding electric cars with many outstanding features. ADO A20XE has many outstanding features such as: sturdy folding design, durable color, high battery capacity, 7-speed Shimano kit, safe suspension system, ... and countless other outstanding features.

The ADO E-Bike is a solid companion in urban living. We create products that provide a great driving experience on complex traffic conditions such as bumpy, rocky and uphill. All ADO products are designed to be environmentally friendly and comply with environmental guidelines.