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Keeping up with the trend of the times when using eco-safe power-assisted bicycles

by Vy Nhat on May 24, 2023

Bắt kịp xu hướng của thời đại khi sử dụng xe đạp trợ lực an toàn với môi trường

Besides the current conveniences and modern life, the environment will change a lot for the worse, and this will have a significant impact on human health. Faced with those changes, has the ADO E-bike electric bicycle brand launched products as well as slogans for environmental protection issues? So is this really completely accurate?

  1. Eco-friendly power bike



As the name indicates the function of this vehicle, the raw material for using the main source of raw material is electricity in the battery or battery to help the vehicle operate. Because of using electric energy, this type of vehicle does not directly emit harmful emissions into the environment.

A report from Australian experts shows that the total emissions of an electric vehicle is only 213g CO2 per 1km; Meanwhile, gasoline-powered motorbikes will emit about 588g of CO2 (about 40% higher).

As we can see above, the amount of Co2 when using electric bicycles will be reduced by half compared to gasoline cars and this brings a positive effect in environmental protection from electric vehicles.

  1. Other conditions from environmental protection from power-assisted bicycles

Not only concerned with emissions, power-assisted bicycles must meet other requirements such as production and recycling of batteries or batteries...

Regarding production, it is necessary to follow a closed green production process, minimizing emissions and toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment.

Regarding recycling of energy storage parts, this work is urgently needed because the amount of batteries or accumulators is being discharged into the environment at an alarming rate. This requires manufacturers to deploy modern technology to help batteries and batteries batteries or energy storage components are low-toxic and recyclable

In terms of current electrical energy, it can be divided into self-renewable and non-renewable energy. The use and production of electricity from green energy derived from nature, although existing, still has many limitations and is a very difficult problem for experts. If that is done, this will be a new breakthrough in the environmental protection of this vehicle line.

  1. The benefits of power-assisted bicycles

When you own and use an electric vehicle, they bring many great benefits to you. Some of the benefits that you get when using an electric vehicle include:

Safe and environmentally friendly

As mentioned above, a power-assisted bicycle brings great benefits to the environment compared to other gasoline-powered vehicles and that is something we cannot deny.

Vehicles with diverse designs

In the current pace of life, you will more or less see a lot of people using this type of car when participating in traffic on familiar routes. Depending on each person's needs, aesthetics and personality, they will choose car models with different designs and features. And it is this richness and diversity that has helped consumers have more choices to use this car regularly.

Low maintenance and repair costs

Because it is a car with not too many components and components and uses electric energy, you will not need to spend too much on maintenance such as changing oil, spark plugs... When the car is unfortunately broken, The cost of replacing parts of this car also doesn't cost too much of your money.

Cheap fuel prices

With the use of electric vehicles, you will not need to worry about the ups and downs of gas prices anymore, you can fully charge each time the car runs out of energy or currently, public places such as shopping malls, apartments, etc. charging station... to re-energize your car.

When you intend or already own a power-assisted electric bicycle, you are contributing a significant part in the work of protecting the earth and the environment around you. When there are more people like you, it will create positive changes for your future and future generations, and currently power-assisted bicycles are a popular vehicle in the world, have you grasped them? Have you caught the trend of the world yet?

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