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6 health benefits of power-assisted cycling

by Vy Nhat on Jun 01, 2023

6 lợi ích sức khỏe của việc đi xe đạp trợ lực

Cycling is now a sport that is increasingly popular because of the great benefits it brings and can be easily practiced without cost. So what will daily cycling bring to our health? Let's find out 6 health benefits of riding a power bike in the article below.

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Helps control weight and tone muscles
One of the great benefits of cycling is that we can reduce excess body fat. Every day we are loaded with a large amount of food and nutrients, but we are too lazy to exercise to consume that excess. Over time, that will make our body become obese and can lead to other diseases such as fatty blood, diabetes, ...
Cycling is the simplest way to help you lose weight without spending too much time or money and still losing weight safely. Cycling can help the body burn stored fat and change the balance of cholesterol in the body, thereby reducing cholesterol and reducing body weight.

Besides, cycling also gives you a toned body. During cycling, most of the body's muscles will be activated such as the abdomen, shoulders, arms, calves... while toning the muscles in the waist and abdomen. This makes the muscular system stronger and more efficient.

Cycling is good for the cardiovascular system and improves blood circulation
When cycling, the heart will beat faster than normal, thereby enhancing blood circulation, improving cardiovascular health. Scientific studies have shown that people who maintain a daily cycling habit will avoid the risk of high blood pressure.

Cycling helps prevent diabetes
Scientists say that every day you only need to spend 30 minutes on a bicycle, you can reduce your risk of diabetes by 40%. In fact, people with diabetes are often encouraged by their doctors to cycle. When cycling, the blood volume in the legs is regulated, which can reduce the risk of leg complications.
Cycling boosts the immune system and prevents disease
Cycling helps us improve health, increase flexibility and endurance for the body, thereby helping our body strengthen the immune system, prevent infectious diseases.
Many studies have shown that cycling really has the ability to prevent the formation and growth of tumor cells, preventing cancers such as colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer. paralysis, pancreatic cancer, endometrial cancer, etc.
Cycling helps keep bones strong
During cycling, the parts move and are supported together by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Regular cycling will have a positive effect on bone density, increasing the strength of the skeletal system. Besides, the posture when cycling will stimulate the muscles in the lower back, making the spine also stronger, which can reduce the risk of diseases of the spine and joints.

Cycling improves mental health
Cycling is a sport that not only improves physical health but also improves mental health. When cycling, our body will release a hormone called endorphins that creates a feeling of euphoria and excitement, which can help you relieve stress after stressful hours of work or school.

Cycling is a sport that not only saves money and time, but still brings great health benefits. So what are you waiting for without buying yourself a quality bike so that you can start the process of training to improve your own health.