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30 Amazing Benefits of Cycling (P3)

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

30 Lợi ích tuyệt vời của việc đạp xe (P3)

Whether your cycling purpose is to increase fitness, improve health, keep a good balance in life. Or cycling for the sake of contributing to environmental change, cycling is the best decision you can make. Let's explore 30 benefits of cycling with ADO E-bike!

21. Increase empathy

Cycling not only helps your health improve day by day, but also contributes to building a more positive spirit and willingness to help people around.

In the UK there is a London to Brighton cycling program that has raised more than £40 million for the British Heart Foundation. In Australia, there are cycling clubs for everyone, even when there are no conditions, there are still bicycles to satisfy your passion.

22. Stay in shape without much time

You always find your time in the day too limited to go to the gym, then choose to cycle every day as a means of transportation. Cycling helps you save money on going to the gym and stay healthy

According to the National Forum on Coronary Heart Disease Foundation in the US, people who ride power bikes regularly have the same healthy hearts as people 10 years younger.

23. Enhance lung activity

A cyclist uses 10 times more oxygen than someone sitting in front of the TV for the same amount of time.

Regular cycling will help strengthen the cardiovascular system over time, allowing your heart to work more efficiently and get more oxygen.

24. Burn more fat

Sports physiologists have discovered that the body's metabolic rate forest helps burn calories and fat not only after each bike ride, but also for several hours afterward.

One study found that road cyclists burned 3.5 times more body fat than slow cyclists.

25. Embrace the positive

Not only cycling but also with other physical activities help you feel happier, stronger when receiving positive energy in life. Instead and ohuj and tobacco, alcohol...

26. Increase Reception

Neuroscientists from the University of Bonn conducted this with 10 volunteers before and after a two-hour cardio session.

Comparisons between the before and after shows a link between happiness hormones in the frontal and limb areas of the brain - areas that process emotions and handle stress are extremely important. And there is a very positive link between feeling healthy and exercising.

27. Make friends and live well

Aside from the social benefits of cycling can make you as good as exercise offers health benefits. University of California researchers have community released the hormone oxytocin. Reduces the risk of premature death by more than 60%, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.

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  • 28. You will feel happier

    Exercise like cycling helps you release natural endorphins that help reduce stress, feel more joyful. A positive mind will help you cope with almost any illness.

    29. When you feel tired, ride a bike

    A review of 12 studies on the link between exercise and fatigue found that exercise directly reduces levels of fatigue.

    When you feel stuffy and tired, don't hesitate to choose to cycle to work to change a more effective working day!

    30. Spend productive time with your partner

    From cycling's benefits to feeling happy, improving sex life... cycling also helps you and your partner have the experience of time and space in a slower pace of life.

    Spend the weekend cycling together to explore the city where you live to see the bond stronger!

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