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Things you need to know when traveling with a mountain bike

by Vy Nhat on May 22, 2023

Những điều bạn cần biết khi phượt bằng xe đạp trợ lực địa hình

Things you need to know when traveling with a mountain bike

Riding an off-road bike is a fun and challenging experience for those who love exploring nature and the outdoors. However, before you start your adventure, let's learn the following important things.

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Bike inspection and maintenance

Before setting off, make sure your bike is in perfect and reliable condition. Check power steering, brakes, shifter and tyres. If necessary, take it in for inspection and maintenance.

Choose the right bike

For off-roading, choose a quality mountain bike that fits your needs. Off-road power-assisted bicycles are capable of overcoming rough terrain, with thick suspension and tires for increased grip and stability.

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Protective gear

Make sure you have enough protective gear such as helmets, gloves, eyewear and thermal vests. These components will help protect you from collisions, strong impacts and bad weather.

Bring the necessary tools

Prepare a portable bike repair kit that includes pump, patch hose, screwdriver tent, and lubricant. This will help you deal with minor issues and continue your journey with ease.

Make a plan and find out the place

Before you start hiking, plan and learn about the place you want to explore. Consider the difficulty of the terrain, weather conditions, and provide water and food along the way.

Adjust the power assist mode

Understand and tailor your bike's power steering to the terrain and your power level. Power assist mode will help you save energy and overcome difficult roads.

Mountain bike driving skills

If you do not have experience riding a mountain bike, learn and practice your mountain bike driving skills. This includes how to cross the plains, climb slopes, descend, and overcome obstacles.

Safe and respectful of nature

When participating in mountain biking, follow safety rules and respect the natural environment. Do not throw garbage, keep it clean and avoid encroaching on conservation and ecological areas.

Riding an off-road power bike is an interesting and exciting journey. Enjoy the feeling of freedom, explore nature and overcome new challenges. However, do not forget to always ensure safety and prepare carefully before departure. Wish you have a complete and memorable trip!

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