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Should you choose a power-assisted exercise bike at home or outdoors?

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

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Cycling is a way to exercise and improve health that many people choose because of its simplicity in practice and convenience. Currently, many people are still wondering whether to choose a home exercise bike or an outdoor bike? In this article, ADO E-bike will analyze in detail the pros and cons of each type of bike. Let's see!

1. Outdoor bicycle

Outdoor exercise bike is a means of choice for many ages. With the advantage of reasonable cost, pocket-friendly. In addition, the practice method is simple but highly effective. Therefore, outdoor bicycles are very popular in recent years.

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  • The biggest advantage when using a sport bike outdoors is that users can enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and lively surrounding nature.
  • Outdoor cycling brings an interesting and new feeling when you often change positions and practice locations. You can also ride a bike with your family, friends or loved ones. This just creates a fun atmosphere. What's more special is that cycling with other people helps you have more motivation to practice. From there, the quality and efficiency are improved faster.
  • Using an outdoor sport bike allows you to conquer different types of terrain. Like long stretches of flat road or exciting steep mountain slopes.
  • Outdoor exercise bikes have many different types: mountain bikes, city bikes, racing bikes, etc. to meet all needs and ages.
  • Outdoor cycling has a positive impact on health: Not only has the effect of losing weight, toning muscles but also helping to improve the respiratory and circulatory system. Improve memory, better eyesight,...


  • Outdoor cycling is greatly influenced by weather conditions. Rainy days or intense heat can interfere with cycling. Or you need to equip the necessary equipment and clothing when cycling in extreme weather conditions.
  • It is unsafe to cycle in the late evening, early morning or empty road. Therefore, you should choose to ride an outdoor bike in groups or fully equipped with lights and sirens when cycling.
  1. Exercise bike at home

The home exercise bike is a new fitness and health care tool that has appeared in recent years. This device is chosen by some families as an alternative to the outdoor cycling method. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of cycling at exercise?


  • Because this equipment is located at home, the practitioner has complete flexibility in choosing the time to practice.
  • Cycling at home will ensure more safety for you in the condition of cycling in the early morning or late at night. At the same time, limit traffic incidents occurring on the road.
  • Don't have to deal with bike damage problems such as chain slippage, tire puncture, brake failure, etc.
  • Not dependent on the weather, sunshine or rain. Practice indoors to avoid smog.
  • Some types of bicycles are integrated with health monitoring and exercise performance functions. Helps you better track and control your exercise regimen.


  • Exercise bikes are only fixed in one place in the house, so it's easy to feel boring. Especially for those who like open space, spacious. The method of practice causes feelings of confinement, suffocation and discomfort.
  • The range of exercise bikes with saddles burns fewer calories than using an outdoor bike.

Thus, it can be seen that using indoor bicycles and outdoor bicycles both have their own advantages and limitations. Based on your goals and preferences to make the most suitable choice for you. ADo E-bike wishes you success!