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Experience of riding electric power-assisted bicycles in the rainy season you need to note

by Vy Nhat on May 22, 2023

Kinh nghiệm đạp xe trợ lực điện mùa mưa bạn cần lưu ý

Experience of riding electric power-assisted bicycles in the rainy season you need to note

Rainy season does not hinder your passion for cycling. However, to ensure safety and comfort on rainy days, apply the following experiences when riding an electric power bike.

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Prepare in advance

Check your bike before going out. Make sure the lights are working properly to increase visibility and be seen in low light. Also, make sure the transmission and brakes are in good working order and the tires have enough grip.

Choose the right outfit

Wear a waterproof raincoat, helmet, and teardrop goggles to protect your eyes from water and dust. Choose a light-colored raincoat to increase visibility for drivers and other road users.

Adjust speed and power mode

In rainy conditions, road grip and braking ability may be reduced. Adjust the speed and power on your bike for safety and avoid danger.

Brake control

Make sure you clean and check your brakes before you leave the house. When driving in the rain, pay special attention to the braking distance and avoid sudden braking, to avoid slipping and danger.

Use a firm handle

When cycling in the rain, hold the handle firmly and make sure your hands are not slippery. This helps you to better control the vehicle and avoid danger.

Avoid flooded areas

If there is a flooded area on the road, find a way to avoid or pass safely. Flooding can impair vehicle control and endanger you.

Enhances acuity and concentration

In rainy conditions, the streets can be slippery and traffic can be quite complicated. Focus on driving, look around and react quickly to avoid accidents and unexpected situations.

Safe for you and your bike

After completing the ride in the rain, dry the bike and service it to avoid the effects of water and moisture. Place the vehicle in a dry and well-ventilated place to prevent rust and damage.

Don't be afraid of rain

Finally, feel and enjoy the feeling of cycling in the rain. It can be a new and exciting experience, bringing refreshment and feeling the beauty of nature in special moments.

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Cycling in the rain can create different experiences and new challenges. Apply the above experiences to ensure safety and enjoy every trip rain or shine. Wishing you a journey full of joy and discovery!

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