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Bicycle fenders and classifications

by Vy Nhat on Jun 08, 2023

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Bicycle fenders are a small but important part of cycling. This equipment will effectively support you when going in the rain, the road is flooded. So, let's find out what bicycle fenders are and how they are classified!

1. What is a bicycle fender?

Bicycle fenders or bicycle fenders are arc-shaped pieces, thin and light, hugging the curvature of the wheel. This part helps to prevent water and dirt from sticking to the wheel from splashing on the clothes and shoes of the occupants.

Bicycle fenders are made from many different materials such as plastic, aluminum, rubber, ...

The surface of the fender is usually smooth. Should be less dirty and easy to clean.

2. Uses

Bicycle fenders have the effect of preventing dirty water and mud from splashing on the occupants and the bicycle body, causing unsightly. In addition, it also has the effect of limiting sand and dirt from sticking to car parts, causing damage and reducing life.

3. Bicycle fender classification

Along with the development of the times. Bicycle fenders have a variety of types to suit all types of vehicles. Here are the 3 most popular and widely used types of fenders today:

3.1 Traditional fenders

These fenders are often found on some traditionally designed city bikes. And especially in most of the fashionable bicycle models on the market today.

Traditional fenders are usually arc-shaped and hug the wheel. It covers almost half of the wheel giving a pretty good dirt blocking effect.

Currently, most traditional fenders are equipped with reflectors on the rear fender. Helps ensure driver safety when traveling in low light conditions.

Advantages: Easy to find, replace with low price


  • Difficult to install due to the rather long design and hugging the wheel.
  • When moving can make noise.
  • In addition, when entering a muddy road, the fender clings to the wheel, causing a jam and making the wheel unable to move.

3. 2 Clip-on fenders

Clip-on fenders are shorter in length than traditional fenders. We often see clip-on fenders in sports bike fenders or dirt bike fenders, racing bikes. Most fenders of this type are made of rubber or plastic so they are easy to install and clean.


  • Short design for easy installation
  • High durability due to being made of flexible plastic or good elastic rubber.


  • The fender efficiency is not high when entering the road with a lot of mud and water due to its short length.

3.3 Bicycle fenders

True to its name, this fender is specialized for use on mountain bikes. Because it is made of plastic, it limits the noise when entering the bumpy road.

Product reference:

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  • Power-assisted bicycle ADO A26S
  • Power bike ADO A20 Lite
  • Advantage:

    • Simple design, easy to install, adjust and replace
    • Solid construction, durable and does not make noise when moving


    • MTB bike fenders are more effective fenders than clip-on ones. However, it is suitable for use in areas with little mud and dirty water.

    As can be seen, each type of fender has characteristics with different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of vehicle as well as the frequently traveled road for you to choose the most suitable fender.

    4. Why are there so many models without bicycle fenders?

    Not all but some bike models do not have fenders. Especially on racing bikes and dirt bikes. Because not everyone wants to have a fender on their bike. Therefore, the manufacturer has decided not to install so that they can decide after buying the car whether to install it or not?

    In general, all kinds of fenders are cheap and are often given away by stores when buying goods if customers need them.

    Above is the complete information about bicycle fenders and its classification. Hope the above information is useful to you.